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What is patina?

Patina can refer to any fading, darkening or other signs of age, which are felt to be natural or unavoidable (or both). The chemical process by which a patina forms or is deliberately induced is called patination, and a work of art coated by a patina is said to be patinated.

We use patina finishes on our metal and zinc products as a color option but what exactly is patina you ask? The best way to explain it is that it’s a “process.” Just like things age over time, a patina finish put on metal/steel or zinc processes to bring out the raw metal textures, color and enhances the current metal look. Patina is a tarnish produced by chemical processes that forms on the surface of many types of metals. When exposed to the elements, a coating of various chemical compounds, such as oxides and carbonates form on the surface. Using this process, it creates a weathered appearance on the metal or zinc which will continue to change over time.

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Humble Materials and Hardworking Style

We LOVE all designs and styles but one of our favorites has to be the industrial design style that features natural woods and vintage metals.

Many times people think that an industrial room will only consists of different metals but it’s about textures and woods along with metal accents. Many styles incorporate an industrial flair to them. Take for example a modern farmhouse inspired room that has industrial pipe shelves for the kitchen area – you would associate an industrial black pipe with a vintage industrial style but it also fits beautifully in a farmhouse home with white subway back splash tiles and light colored counter tops. Continue Reading “Industrial Design and Style”