Southern Sunshine consists of creative fabricators that design custom products ranging from modern farmhouse to industrial vibes for commercial and residential clients.

By combining natural woods, various metals and new technology we help bring ideas to life whether it’s for a home, office environment or restaurant space. Southern Sunshine has created thousands of products for clients all over country right from their shop in West Georgia.



It originally started with family members dreaming of having their own shop, running it together and then having a bakery tied into the store. It wasn’t until a few years later that the idea came to life and we finally went for it, well the shop that is. Who knows, a bakery may be in the near future too! If you want to hear the cool longer version of the story we’d love to tell you about it one day so don’t be shy, ask away!

Our original round coffee table also known as the Falabella, has been our most popular item since we first started the shop. Customers love that they can customize the size, height, color etc. Since then we’ve developed, added new designs to be sold regularly on the shop and the brand new favorite known as the “Rachela.” We love designing new items for customers looking for something that fits perfectly into their home. We build each table from the ground up by hand and any additional materials are made by fellow small business owners.

We absolutely love all styles of furniture design and we’ve never wanted to limit our designs to only one style. One of our goals we first set out with is that we would create products that everyone can enjoy customizing and afford on any budget.

We’re focused on modern clean lines, smooth wood grains, natural materials while mixing styles ranging from industrial, rustic, modern and contemporary.

One of the biggest things we noticed when shopping for furniture (just as you have most likely) is that when you walk into a store, there are only 2 sizes available and 2 color options to choose from. If you’re like most people searching for that perfect item, then those options usually don’t cut it or even fit into your current living situation.

Each home owner has a different space and living situation where one may be able to put a 10’ long dining table in their kitchen where someone in a Chicago loft apartment can fit a 40” wide round table. We’re customers just like you and at the end of the day we want something affordable, durable and functional so we totally get you.

We’re always focused on improving each product by researching and improving the stains, finish and quality of each table so you get the best product for your investment.

Get in touch with us, we’d love to start working with you on that next perfect piece for your home.