We’ve seen some amazing places but there is just something special about the creative and serene environment of Serenbe. It consists of unique and architecturally stunning design along the entire community.

We were honored to be a part of the Serenbe Showhouse this year thanks to the lovely designer, Melissa Galt.

One of our most popular tables aka “Maximus” that features a typography style design that also showcases a city highlights (Atlanta featured in the photo).

Maximus Coffee Table

Since Serenbe has so many signature spots we focused on those for the design and words that completley describe the community itself. There are many design styles that radiate throughout Serenbe but it definitely has a modern vibe throughout it. We went with the popular raw steel color to match the modern metals featured on the home used in the showcase.

Serenbe Showhouse

These signs were hung on both sides of the front porch and it made our hearts so happy that you could see them while walking up to the beautfiul home.  What a treat to be a part of something with so many talented people in the Atlanta area and also getting to see our work featured in a community that inspires us with it’s details.

Serenbe Showhouse

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featured photo credit Life at Serenbe