Design + The Outdoors

Spring is officially here and what’s the perfect way to take in the new spring blooms and gorgeous colors? A glass house of course. We’d thought we’d share one of the projects we’re working on to inspire you to create your own or hey, even dream about this being in your backyard.

Glass House - Southern Sunshine

Crafted By Hand

Custom Furniture - Southern Sunshine

We went all out and yes, those are vintage windows we’ve found from vintage homes across the state of Georgia. The top glass pieces are actually from the old Omni Hotel in downtown Atlanta after it was hit by a major storm a few years ago. We love the fact that this place has some history to it already!

Vintage All The Way

Glass House - Southern Sunshine

Glass House - Southern Sunshine

We stained the floor in a classic gray that will stay in the “light” color palettes of the white exterior/interior but also add a classy style pop to the inside when it’s completed.

Have you ever wanted to build a space to escape to? Well you totally can, we hope this inspires you to get out there and create the perfect spot for you to take in the outdoors and the change in seasons as they roll through. Just wait until the fun part starts…. YES! Decorating the inside of the glass house. I know, we’re jumping ahead of ourselves but one can start day dreaming right?

On that note, stay tuned for our next update!