Custom Furniture Design + Decor

Ready to create that oh so perfect piece for your home but not too sure what wood color or material you want to go with? We totally understand and have your back with our sample kit.

If you’re trying to decide between different colors to match your current home decor, this sample kit helps you see the color up close and personal. All wood can be different in person or photos due to lighting, natural textures, age etc.

Each sample will have a satin sheen top coat on them. You may be thinking about using raw or unsealed wood for your piece but we highly recommend at least using a beeswax and mineral oil on the wood rather than just completely raw wood.

Commercial Clients

If you’re an interior designer or commercial client looking for more samples than what is included in the box, send us an email to chat at hello(at)


Purchase Sample Kit

If you want the kit to help you make a decision before you buy, click the link below to choose your wood and metal color options.