Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How long does it typically take to get my order? 

A. Production lead times can change from time to time but overall most of our products are made to order and can take between 2-4 weeks. Please feel free to email us for any questions on your order.

Q. What happens after I place my order?

We send you off to the Bahamas for a week (kidding but hey one can dream). Once you’ve made the decision on which product you want customized, we contact you and go over any questions you have. If you’re trying to match your current home décor we encourage you to send us photos if you’re having a hard time deciding on what color to choose. Once the top is done, we’ll send you a photo of the top with the first stain coat on it to see. That way you can make your decision if you want to stick with one coat or go a little darker with a second, third coat.

This also applies to the zinc and marble products. We’ll keep in touch with you on the coloring so you can walk through the building process with us.

Q. I found a certain design that I would like to have customized. Can I send you the photo to recreate it?

A. Absolutely. We welcome your ideas and look forward to creating the perfect custom item for your home. If there is something we can’t do we’ll let you know.

Q. Do you offer free shipping on all of your items? 

A. Free shipping is excluded on items shipped to HI, AK, SD, ND, ME, OR, WA, MT, WY and ID. These areas require additional shipping charges. If you order more than one item or an oversized customized piece we may have to quote you an additional shipping price. Contact us for more information.

Q. What type of shipping do you use?

A. We use Fedex Ground for smaller items and all of our larger items (even decent size coffee tables) we ship through freight trucking companies (large and small). Once we ship your product, we provide you with tracking #’s or the truck driver’s information where you can communicate with the driver on delivery route/times.

Q. What type of lumber do you use?

We use top grade lumber that ranges from pine, oak and cedar for more perfectly milled planks. We also use reclaimed wood that contains its original patina and imperfections that range from poplar, cypress, oak and walnut.

If you’re not sure which wood style you would like to use, here’s a quick breakdown of each –

Top Grade – Smooth, perfectly milled planks with beautiful grains that stain truer to color. If you’re looking for a clean look without sacrificing the wood look, then this is most likely your match. With most of our products we use top grade quality wood unless the customer requests reclaimed wood with a certain product.

Reclaimed Wood – This wood may have nail holes, natural curves, nicks, texture and dents. We sand the wood perfectly but there will still be a natural wood texture feel to it. There may be splitting and movement in the lumber over time that happens when in different environments etc. Basically, this wood has some soul to it and has imperfections. If this is what you love about natural woods, then this may be your stop.

And of course, all wood is natural and can be prone to changing in variation, movement and character over time. If you like something staying the same all the time, then we suggest going with glass, marble or zinc and hey we offer that too!

Q. Can I customize your products?

YES! We offer more options through our website but if you are looking for a certain size, color etc. we can customize it accordingly. Please contact us before or after you purchase if you need a specific size to fit with current home decor. If you do not make us aware that you need an exact dimension beforehand, then each item could be a tiny hair off depending on the natural material used and/or thickness. For example, ordering a 19″ high coffee table with a wood top could end up being 19 1/4″ or 18.95″ high. Also expansion can play a part with any wood products shipped to another environment.

Q. Can I get my item by a certain date?

We can’t truly guarantee a delivery date due to shipping being out of our hands once it leaves the shop. Typically, our production time is 2-4 weeks and then it’s booked to ship out. However, we do offer a production rush fee where we can move you up on the processing orders list. Contact us for more information.

Also please note, that we have no control over any shipping delays from the shipping carriers we use.

Q. What’s the difference between the sealing options you have available?

The gloss, semi-gloss and matte are a safe polyurethane sealer that protects and seals the wood over time. This helps protect against spills and stains. If your product gets every day use, we suggest this option.

The natural oil and beeswax conditions the wood to preserve it’s natural look over time and creating a deeper natural wood color overall. If you want more of the wood “feel” for your product this is a good option for you. The beeswax does not fully protect against stains and spills like the polyurethane.

You can also choose to have your table in raw wood form without any conditioner or sealer to protect the wood. We don’t highly recommend this option but if it’s what you want then go for it!

Q. Can I get a matching custom item made to match my purchased coffee table?

A. Yes! If you are interested in one of our coffee tables and want/need something to match it just contact us with dimensions you need so we can get you a custom quote.

Q. Can I use my purchased product outside?

We offer a special finish if you’re thinking about using anything outdoors. Please let us know up front if you plan to do this so we can be aware of it and it is an additional charge.

Q. Do you ship to Canada?

A. Yes but additional charges may apply. Please contact us for a custom shipping quote.

Q. What type of wood do you typically use for your products?

A. We use everything from recycled barn wood, brand spankin new boards to scraps that we compile in the shop from different projects.

Q. Do you accept returns?

A. Yes, we offer a 30 day return policy on non customized items. We may charge a 20% restocking fee to your returned order. Custom and/or made to order items cannot be returned.

Q. What if I have issues assembling the pipe with my product?

A. If you have any issues with pipe parts we will work with you to make sure that you get it assembled correctly or if you have a bad fitting and need a new piece etc.