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Whether you’re purchasing a product that has industrial pipe or the square steel tubing, you need to know what colors we currently offer because both can vary in options. All colors are done in a powder coated finish.

Here’s a quick overview and description of each color:

  • Hammered Black – It’s a black with a fine textured look.
  • Snow – A flat off white.
  • Newport Blue – A deep navy blue.
  • Chestnut – Resembles an “oil rubbed bronze” color with a hint of metallic.
  • Kingsport – Looks close to a silver pewter with a hint of metallic to the finish.
  • Twinkle – A true snazzy gold.
  • Charcoal – A muted black/stone color.
  • Mason – A deep silver with metallic hints to it.
  • Raw Steel – (only available in the square steel, not the industrial pipe) Raw steel shows all the flaws from the metal and even where they’ve been welded together. It’s not even all over but it’s a very industrial rustic look (see photo below).
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What is Raw Steel?

Raw steel is a very “industrial” style look. It’s not completely even all over the metal frame because when it’s welded, it alters the steel color while creating the design. So the raw steel would actually look just like this photo on the right.

If you love the raw steel look and want to take it to another level of that true “industrial” look, we do offer the option to patina the metal in either copper, antique bronze or grey steel.

To learn more about patina and color options we offer, click here.

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