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Pipe + Steel Color Options

Whether you’re purchasing a product that has industrial pipe or the square steel tubing, you need to know what colors we currently offer because both can vary in options.

Industrial Pipe Color Options:

Industrial Pipe Color Options

Here’s a quick overview and description of each color:

  • Hammered Black – It’s more of a “charcoal” black versus the flat black that’s a true black.
  • Copper – An aged copper that has a hint of metallic finish to it.
  • Bubba Blue – A bright and happy deep blue.
  • Snow – A flat off white.
  • Newport Blue – A deep navy blue.
  • Flat Black – A true matte black.
  • Chestnut – Resembles an “oil rubbed bronze” color with a hint of texture look to it.
  • Kingsport – Looks close to a silver pewter with a hint of metallic to the finish.
  • Twinkle – A true metallic gold.


Square Steel Tubing Color Options:

We offer some of the same colors as listed above for the square steel, angle iron etc.

Steel Color Options

You do have the option of the “raw steel” look. But understand that the raw steel shows all the metal faults, marks and any corners that have been welded are shown (it’s a different color than the other areas as you can see).

Raw Metal Example

Steel Patina Color Options:

We also offer patina color options for any of our steel products. You can learn more about patina right here.

Steel Patina Options

Don’t see a color that you’re needing to match for your home? We can always try and match a color, just send us an email with the color you’re searching for and we can go from there. Learn more about our custom furniture options here.