One of the most popular questions we’re getting right now is what exactly is “patina?” Our summed up version and definition is “purely awesome character that stands out from the crowd.” But the technical explanation is this –

The best way to explain it is that it’s a “process.” Just like things age over time, a patina finish put on metal/steel or zinc processes to bring out the raw metal textures, color and enhances the current metal look. Patina is a tarnish produced by chemical processes that forms on the surface of many types of metals. When exposed to the elements, a coating of various chemical compounds, such as oxides and carbonates form on the surface. Using this process, it creates a weathered appearance on the metal or zinc which will continue to change over time. So instead of having a solid painted product, you can choose the patina option where you keep that industrial/metal look over time while still attempting to match your current home decor.

The beauty of using patina on our products is that no piece is exactly the same depending on how the metal or zinc takes the patina when applied. We use patina color options on our steel, zinc and galvanized products.

Jimmy Coffee Table - Southern Sunshine

You can learn more about patina colors we offer here. More colors are coming soon and we have some pretty big news coming in the next few months so stay tuned!