Custom Furniture & Home Decor

Each home, style and creative mind is completely different which is why we know how important it is that you find the perfect piece for your home.

We offer customization on every product we make at the shop. So whether you need a few dimensions less, a different color to match your current furniture or you want to purchase a new top for your table base you love, we can make it happen.

Custom Furniture

Ready to create the perfect piece?

Here’s a few things we’re going to ask you from the start and our process —

Are you matching current pieces in your home as in color and style? Do you need something larger or smaller to fit a certain area? *If you have a photo of a table you LOVE and want to recreate it, send us the photo so we can see. If we can do it we’ll let you know!

If you want a wood top for example, are you looking for it to be smooth or wood that still has that “natural wood feel” to it (this will help determine what sealer to put on it)? Do you want new or recycled wood used for your table? Do you have kids that will be around the table? Do you want zinc, glass or galvanized steel? The more details you can give us the more we can visualize what you’re wanting.

After we go over some basics with you and get a feel for what you’re looking for, we’ll draw something up or send over some sample photos to get started.

Once you’re mind is made up and you’re ready to move forward, we’ll send over a custom order invoice for you and then in a few weeks you’ll have your new piece for your home.

Color Matching

Need a certain color to match your home decor? Simply go to your local paint or hardware store, find the color you like and send us the color name information. Or if you can find a color swatch online, send us the color via email. We can then match the color for the powder coating process.

Wood Options

The most popular woods used for our products are pine, poplar, oak and cedar BUT we do offer additional wood species. You can choose from ash, mahogany, red oak, basswood, cypress, zebra wood, teak and more. If you’re looking for a specialty wood for your project please contact us for more information.

Ready to move forward?

If  you’re ready for us to create a custom piece for you or if you have any questions, email us: hello(at)

Custom orders typically take 3-5 weeks before they head out the door to you.

Need inspiration?

Here’s some popular items you can customize:

Custom Furniture & Store Design for Local Businesses

In the Atlanta area, have a shop and want to customize your store? Let us know your design ideas and thoughts by emailing us, hello(at)