Wood Options

If you check out the photo on the left you’ll notice each wood material in it’s raw form where you can see the difference in color and wood grains before it’s stained.

Pine and cedar are softer woods where the oak and poplar are more dense. Soft wood can acquire dents easier than dense wood species. Poplar and pine have a yellow hue to it where the oak and cedar have brown/red undertones to it.

What’s a good wood choice for products that get a lot of use?

This question comes up a lot with customers and we always typically recommend oak or poplar if you plan on your product being in a high traffic area or the “family” table. Pine and cedar are great choices but can acquire daily use quicker than the other two.

Top Grade Wood
Reclaimed Wood
Wood Variation
Exotic Woods

If you’re looking for something different and durable, we also carry some exotic woods that are beautiful in their natural raw form. If you’re interested in any of these woods for your product, please contact us or request a custom quote.

Exotic wood samples

Finish Examples

What’s the difference between the sealing options you have available?

The gloss, semi-gloss and matte are a safe polyurethane sealer that protects and seals the wood over time. This helps protect against spills and stains. If your product gets every day use, we suggest this option. Matte keeps the natural look of the wood, semi-gloss gives it a small sheen finish and the gloss creates a nice pop of sheen and accents the color even more.

The natural oil and beeswax conditions the wood to preserve it’s natural look over time but it does not fully protect against stains and spills like the polyurethane. If you want more of the wood “feel” for your product this is a good option for you and it resembles the “matte” look.

You can also choose to have your table in raw wood form without any conditioner or sealer to protect the wood. We don’t highly recommend this option but if it’s what you want then go for it!

Wood Color Options

With most of our products, you get to customize the top color option to fit perfectly into your home. We offer wood options of pine, oak, poplar and cedar for each custom product. Here’s our current options available that you can choose from. Please note – these stain photos are featured using pine planks so other wood options could vary in color differences.

Click on image to expand color view.

Wood Variations + Color

All wood species are different on their density levels and how they take stain. With each of our products we offer the option to choose between pine, oak, poplar and cedar. Each wood option stain differently depending on it’s current color and unique variations.

The beauty of ordering our products is that we show you photos of the color as we go. Once the top is cut, we apply one coat of stain that you chose with your order then send you a photo. You get to decide if you love the color or if you want to go darker.

You get to make the call, high five!