A pop of color and natural beauty, in other words contemporary and rustic.

You hear the words rustic and contemporary thrown around like hotcakes but do you know what it really is? Well, we were curious how to explain it to you so we got a bunch of people together and asked them what their definitions were. Here’s what we came up with from everyone’s suggestions….

Rustic – wood beams, clean lines with rough texture, distressed or tarnished metals, reclaimed wood, history in each piece, rich deep brown tones, wooded floors with clean walls, re-purposed objects with a hint of industrial flair, sliding barn doors, bringing a piece of the outdoors to the city life and textural but not “rugged.”

Contemporary – smooth surface and clean lines, natural fabrics with texture that showcase natural hues, clean rooms with a pop of fun color as an accent, sleek metallic finishes, well-placed art, lighter color wood, stainless steel and chrome.

We decided to take both of these styles and make them best friends. We took our popular Falabella round wood top, painted it a stunning pop of blue and used the popular “twinkle” color for the pipe legs. After requests have poured in about offering more options with a contemporary edge to it, well let’s just say we listened….



Now available to purchase or customize right here on the site or Etsy.

Have a great way to define the words rustic or contemporary? Tell us your what you think, we’d love to hear!