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A pop of color and natural beauty, in other words contemporary and rustic.

You hear the words rustic and contemporary thrown around like hotcakes but do you know what it really is? Well, we were curious how to explain it to you so we got a bunch of people together and asked them what their definitions were. Here’s what we came up with from everyone’s suggestions…. Continue Reading “Contemporary and Rustic Styles Defined”

We LOVE a mix of rustic with a pop of modern.

People love to send us photos of their living rooms to match their new coffee tables with their existing and current furniture. The beauty of mixing these two styles is that sometimes anything goes where you have clean lines with a touch of natural wood that as we say, “could tell a story.”

Here are some living spaces we’ve fallen in love with that you might love too and get some great ideas from….


There is nothing like a natural piece of wood furniture in a living space that has soft tones with a bunch of natural light coming in. It’s like a little slice of heaven.