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Sometimes you get to be a part of something that makes it all worth it and this was one of those projects! Summer is the time for camps, fun, entertainment and did we mention camps?! You might have heard of the awesome Superwow Camp that take place in Toccoa, GA and Ft. Walton Beach, Florida but if you haven’t then go check them out!

They change their stage every year and this year they needed a large sign that said “JESUS.” Their goal was to cast light on the sign for the stage and in the past we’ve always used a certain white powder coat color that works perfect for any stage lighting.

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A pop of color and natural beauty, in other words contemporary and rustic.

You hear the words rustic and contemporary thrown around like hotcakes but do you know what it really is? Well, we were curious how to explain it to you so we got a bunch of people together and asked them what their definitions were. Here’s what we came up with from everyone’s suggestions…. Continue Reading “Contemporary and Rustic Styles Defined”