Can you zinc it?

Zinc is great for tables, kitchen islands, accent tables and even for your outdoor space. We offer regular zinc but also additional patina color options to choose from. You can learn more about the patina process here.

Bourbon 2 Tier Industrial Coffee Table

Is zinc safe?

Yes! Zinc is an important mineral in the human body as you may be aware of. It has traditionally been used on Seafood and Oyster Bar tops so the bottom line is that it’s great for easy clean up with food (you’re welcome mom!).

Zinc Table Tops

We’ve had numerous inquiries about people wanting to buy our zinc tops without a base to replace their current kitchen counters or table tops. We’ve just made your wish come true as of today. You can now purchase round or square zinc tops by themselves and customize them to fit your home decor. Purchase a top here.

Does zinc have a natural “patina” process over time?

Yes. As it ages and gets used, the color will deepen and will acquire a coveted pewter gray patina. Food and drink will also create their own pattern of use and will expedite the process of the oxidation and patina changes. If you would like to slow down the patina process, you can occasionally wax your zinc with clear Butchers or Bees wax. 

Knoxville Round Zinc Coffee Table

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