We get asked this question a lot at the shop when someone is looking for a new coffee table to put in their home. If you’re torn between getting a square or round coffee table, here’s a few things we recommend thinking over before making the purchase.


It may sound simple but do you 100% know where you’re going to put the coffee table in your home? In the living room? The kids room? Your office area?

Lakeland Modern Coffee Table

Let’s say you choose the living room, what’s currently in the room as in decor? Is there a L shaped couch where wherever you sit, someone will need a spot to set their glass on the table? Or do you  have a single couch that has open space around it where the coffee table would just more of a “accent” piece?


Bourbon Industrial Two Tier Coffee Table

You should choose something that’s already going with the flow of your current home decor UNLESS you’re totally changing your overall theme – “out with the old and in with the new.” Are there currently round or square furniture pieces?


This is probably the other biggest issue customers face when deciding on size or especially the height they need for the table. Typically, standard coffee table height is between 16-19″ high. We usually tell people to measure their couch and either go 1″ above the couch or below the couch. If you love to prop your feet up on your table (like us!) then go with the same height or 1″ below your couch seat height.

With the overall dimensions, don’t go so big that you can’t even get around the table from your couch. Give yourself enough leg room and if you need to use your table to hold stuff then maybe you need a two-tier table to store goodies below.


Okay so round or square? We won’t even touch on oval right now either, ha! There’s no true magic trick to this question, it’s mostly – what do you prefer as in your own style and taste? We generally tell people that round tables are obviously better for anyone with children or pets since it lacks the sharp corner edges.

Wellington Round Coffee Table

The biggest issue we usually tell people to narrow down is the keyword FUNCTIONALITY. Is this table more for looks or will this table be used by all your family, including the kiddos? If your humble abode has young ones, a round wood table like our Rachela or Falabella would be a great choice for its durability. Whereas our round Legend Glass Table would not be as kid friendly if you catch our drift.

The good news is that we give you options on both square and round tables where you can customize it from top to bottom. If you’re looking for a new piece of furniture for your home and have questions, don’t hesitate to contact us for more information! Also, if you’re trying to match current colors in your home, try our wood + metal sample kit to color match.