Gunn Metal Art - Custom Metal Signs

“The only thing we can’t make is something we can’t think about.” – Charles N. Sorenson

That quote is one of the first things Will wrote to us as we started working together and it perfectly defines our creative minds. You may have seen some new metal signs popping up on at our shop lately. We’ve been working with an awesome crew here locally in GA that are some of the most down to earth people you could ever meet aside from loving what they do.

We’re constantly trying to find ways to stump these guys with a project and they always seem to nail everything we throw at them.

Gunn Metal Art - Custom Metal Signs

With that said, we’re working on some brand new products to bring you that you can customize right here on the site. Some things you’ve never seen before and some from the most popular quotes that you see in your everyday life.

Not just quotes either.

We’re taking up another level too and creating custom business signs that mix raw metals and natural woods together that will fit into any style or space.

Working with these guys has been such a treat and it’s just another confirmation of why we’re so glad we moved the shop from Florida to Georgia – ain’t nothing like true southern kindness and charm.

Gunn Metal Art - Custom Metal Signs

As we’re getting ready to launch some new products don’t let it hold you back on asking about a custom order for something that fits your home or office. We invite you to stump our boys like we’ve tried to. Good luck.

Email custom orders to: hello(at)

Gunn Metal Art

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