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Mallex Wood Pipe Shelves


Need some shelf space? We’ve got you covered! These custom shelves are perfect for your kitchen area, living room, bedroom or office area. Pipe is 3/4″ in size and made of galvanized steel.

Weight + Materials

10 lbs (varies by size), steel, wood

Assembly + Shipping

Some assembly required, Ships FREE but excludes certain states Ships in 3-5 weeks.

Custom Orders

Need a different size or design than what’s listed? Email us: hello(at)

Colonial Maple
Dark Walnut
Early American
English Chestnut
Golden Oak
Navy Blue
Red Mahogany
Red Oak
Special Walnut

Hammered Black
  • We recommend sealing the top if you plan on placing drinks or using the table frequently. The mineral oil & beeswax leaves a natural finish to touch where the sealant is smooth.
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Storage + Home Decor

Need some space for your books, photos or just for displaying awesome things in your home? We’ve got your back. Custom design these shelves to fit perfectly into your home.

This product is made to order.

These are handcrafted shelves with natural wood products.


Wood Variation

Due to the nature of any wood or lumber, and our manufacturing process, the goods you receive may possess unique characteristics like nail holes, knots, “checking”, dents, dug in nails, dings and other characteristics commonly found in natural wood furniture. We will do our best to address your unique style and tastes, but we cannot exactly match any of the images you see on the website or other promotional material used by Southern Sunshine. Due to the nature of our products, color, texture, and all other characteristics of our material vary widely. We strongly urge you to view all or our products available on the website to familiarize and understand this variation. By placing an order, you agree to this variation.