Wood Finish Options

With most of our products, you get to customize the top color option to fit perfectly into your home. We offer wood options of pine, oak, poplar and cedar for each custom product. Here’s our current options available that you can choose from. Please note – these stain photos are featured using pine planks so other wood options could vary in color differences.

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Wood Variations + Color

All wood species are different on their density levels and how they take stain. With each of our products we offer the option to choose between pine, oak, poplar and cedar. Each wood option stain differently depending on it’s current color and unique variations.

Pine and cedar are softer woods where the oak and poplar are more dense. Soft wood can acquire dents easier than dense wood species. Poplar and pine have a yellow hue to it where the oak and cedar have brown/red undertones to it.

Below shows each wood material in it’s raw form where you can see the difference in color and wood grains before it’s stained.


What’s the difference between the sealing options you have available?

The gloss, semi-gloss and matte are a safe polyurethane sealer that protects and seals the wood over time. This helps protect against spills and stains. If your product gets every day use, we suggest this option.

The natural oil and beeswax conditions the wood to preserve it’s natural look over time and creating a deeper natural wood color overall. If you want more of the wood “feel” for your product this is a good option for you. The beeswax does not fully protect against stains and spills like the polyurethane.

You can also choose to have your table in raw wood form without any conditioner or sealer to protect the wood. We don’t highly recommend this option but if it’s what you want then go for it!

Lumber we use:

We use top grade lumber that ranges from pine, oak and cedar for more perfectly milled planks. We also use reclaimed wood that contains its original patina and imperfections that range from poplar, cypress, oak and walnut.

If you’re not sure which wood style you would like to use, here’s a quick breakdown of each –

Top Grade – Smooth, perfectly milled planks with beautiful grains that stain truer to color. If you’re looking for a clean look without sacrificing the wood look, then this is most likely your match. With most of our products we use top grade quality wood unless the customer requests reclaimed wood with a certain product.

Reclaimed Wood – This wood may have nail holes, natural curves, nicks, texture and dents. We sand the wood perfectly but there will still be a natural wood texture feel to it. There may be splitting and movement in the lumber over time that happens when in different environments etc. Basically, this wood has some soul to it and has imperfections. If this is what you love about natural woods, then this may be your stop.

And of course, all wood is natural and can be prone to changing in variation, movement and character over time. If you like something staying the same all the time, then we suggest going with glass, marble or zinc and hey we offer that too!

Additional Information:

The images shown above and the wood included in our sample packs may vary slightly depending on the original tones & patina of the wood. All wood products can vary in texture, color, variation and patina. We answer some additional questions on our FAQ page.