Historic Look: Renovated Barn Homes

We won’t lie, we’re a bit partial to barns not just because we’re from the south but simply because they are hands down awesome. Have you ever wondered why more than half of the barns you see are painted red? Here’s why –

Years ago, choices for paint colors didn’t exist. Most farmers would have to resort to coming up with something that would protect and seal the wood on their barns. They would seal their barns with linseed oil (which is an orange color tint from the start). The farmers would also add with the linseed, milk, lime, rust or ferrous oxide. As you know, rust kills fungi and moss that grow on barns which created the perfect sealant while also after mixing everything together it created that red color we know and love.

Pretty cool huh? Many people are converting their old barns into extra room additions to their homes for a fun hangout area or even using it for guest houses. And of course the rustic weddings are a big hit everywhere.

Our favorite style is the converted barn that’s got a classic modern style to it that doesn’t lose that natural wood look and sustains the original wood style. Here’s a few we’re obsessed with:


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Converted Barn Modern Home

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Modern Barn Home

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We love that you can mix a little history with something new which is exactly what happens when you take an old barn that could tell a thousand stories and give it a little TLC.

Would you live in a converted barn home? If so, we could definitely be best friends.