Condition and Variation of Wood:

Due to the nature of any wood or lumber, and our manufacturing process, the goods you receive may possess unique characteristics like nail holes, knots, “checking”, dents, dug in nails, dings and other characteristics commonly found in natural wood furniture. We will do our best to address your unique style and tastes, but we cannot exactly match any of the images you see on the website or other promotional material used by Southern Sunshine. Due to the nature of our products, color, texture, and all other characteristics of our material vary widely. We strongly urge you to view all or our products available on the website to familiarize and understand this variation. By placing an order, you agree to this variation.

Late Delivery:

Any time quoted by Southern Sunshine for delivery is an estimate only. We are not liable for or in respect of any loss or damage arising from any delay in filling any order, failure to deliver or delay in delivery. No delay in the shipment or delivery of any goods relieves you of your obligations under these terms, including without limitation payment for the goods.


If you notice damages or defects to your order once it has been opened and you choose to return the order, you are responsible to re-package the order using the item’s original packaging materials and assure that the product is suitable for shipping. Please contact us within 30 days of receiving your order. We will arrange the shipping of your damaged merchandise back to Southern Sunshine and will re-issue a replacement order.


For all returns excluding damages and defects, you must repackage the order using the items’ original packaging materials assuring that the product is suitable for shipping. You are responsible to ship the order back to Southern Sunshine. You can use a shipping carrier that is the most convenient for you. You are required to contact us about the return within 30 days of receiving of your order. Custom orders returned for customer convenience is subject to a 25% restocking fee.


Wood changes in each environment and sometimes can possibly warp (especially outdoors!) if it goes from a cold climate to a hotter climate etc. Even during shipping warping can happen due to changes in climate that can allow the wood to absorb moisture during transit (causing the product to warp). When it leaves our shop, we make sure that nothing is warped, lifting or out of alignment.