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Coffee Tables, Dining Tables and Decor from Southern Sunshine

Very excited to announce that certain Southern Sunshine products are now available to purchase on We are huge fans of this site and honored to be a part of their community! In the near future, we will start selling larger table items that will be sold exclusively on Houzz.

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Houzz is not only a great place to purchase items but they also can help you decorate and design your current or new home. A good friend of ours hired Houzz pros to design her renovated home and it turned out to be amazingly gorgeous with that rustic, modern farmhouse look.

Would love your feedback on some new larger products you would like to see from us. Don’t worry, there are some dining tables from 9′-12′ coming your way and exclusively only for Houzz.

There are times when you have those moments were no words can express how you feel – your mouth just drops to the floor and you sit there to soak it all in. That’s the exact picture you can imagine when we had the chance to create a version of our popular moose wall light for Country Living Magazine. In the feature, they remodel an airstream (which is adorable!) and use the moose as extra lighting above the kitchen area.

A little background on this product… we had a customer ask us if we could make a wood moose wall light for her sons room. Not backing down from a challenge, we decided to go for it and “Klondike” was born. We didn’t want a long cord hanging down the wall so we decided to use battery operated, warm LED lights that create that soft glow.


If you like this moose as much as we do you, you can purchase it here on the site or through Etsy. 

And make sure to pick up a copy of the June issue of Country Living Magazine AND check out page 77!

Let’s Rock…

We have been itching to create something like this after our “Klondike” the moose has been so popular. Whether you’re a country music lovin (yes, we had to go there), musician or just someone who loves to have a guitar to look at (that would be Robert), this one’s for you.

Made out of birch wood and stained in an “english chestnut” brown along with the added string effect. We added the warm LED lights on the back that highlight the guitar at night. We also added some fun extra options you can choose from – stencil number (whatever you want!) and a signature on the top.

DSC_0371 DSC_0375 DSC_0359

Great for a kids room, accent wall or just a place in your house that needs a snazzy guitar! Don’t be afraid to ask us questions about this item OR just go ahead and pick one up here on Etsy.